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(Because running is for everyone!)


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Geelong Runners was started in Winter 2012, to create a less competitive and a more social running home for runners. We're not obsessed with speed - our main aim is to provide a fun, friendly and welcoming forum for runners of all abilities.


Our regular activities include no-cost, informal 5km fun runs. Groups meet :

at the Geelong Eastern Park barbeque area (co-ordinates S 38 08.872', E 144 22.711'). 

We run out westwards along the Geelong waterfront (towards Rippleside Park) and back for a total of 5km.

A route overview can be seen here.

Join us anytime - just be there a few minutes before the start.


If you've never run before, or if you feel it's too difficult, now is the time to start.

Beginners are welcome - and encouraged!

And if you're an experienced runner - come along and enjoy the social aspect of being with other runners and encouraging fellow members.


We hope to see you soon on a Wednesday and/or Saturday!



Let's answer some questions you may have about Geelong Runners!


What are the main aims of the Geelong Runners?

We'd like to see more people running.

We'd like to make running more fun and social.

We'd like to recognize the personal achievements of slower runners as well.

We'd like to make distance running less daunting.

We'd like to make participation at formal events more affordable.

We want to give non-runners the confidence to start running - and one day complete a marathon if they wish to!


What is your main approach?

Our aim is to provide a forum that encourages participation in running.

Some of our key principles :

This does not mean you won't get fitter and faster as time goes on... you'll steadily improve week by week and start noticing more Personal Bests (PBs) over the same route!


What's the procedure and cost (terms and conditions)?

There is no cost for our 5km runs - we're an informal, voluntary group of runners who run together socially.

Geelong Runners is not a registered or formal business. We don't have property and we don't have employees. We use free public facilities. We don't charge for the 5km runs, so we don't have any earnings or revenue. We're a voluntary community association (also known as an unincorporated association) - which really means we're a fun club by and for runners.

Just pitch up and run with us on any Wednesdays and Saturdays - but you MUST fill in our 1-page "membership" form, providing us with your contact details and waiver-of-liability (you acknowledge you walk, jog and run at own risk - there is no-one to sue in Geelong Runners if you trip on a kerb somewhere in Geelong...).
Two simple steps :

Demonstrate some commitment and your interest in supporting our new running club in Geelong  - just do it now while you're at it ☺, and become recognized as one of our first members immediately. We'll then use our database to keep you up-to-date, possibly via a newsletter as well. By keeping track of how many members we have, we can then approach possible sponsors with valid information - the more of us there are in the Geelong Runners club, the better results and benefits we'll get!

(Please note that the Geelong Runners reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of membership by informing its members through its regular online channels.)


What's the Reward?

You won't be getting medals or prizes - what you'll gain is friends, pride and a sense of achievement. And you'll be fitter - probably happier as well!

Who started this?
Joe Rios, the founder of the Geelong Social Running Club, is an experienced runner who started running at 40 and has since run over 30 marathons and ultra-marathons (including the Comrades 90km ultra-marathon several times). Previously Joe had thought he was too heavy/too old/too slow to be a runner. We're all familiar with the many excuses not to run, but we should rather look for reasons to run! Joe's aim is to help everyone enjoy the benefits and rewards of running, just as he has. He is no professional coach. He's never won a race - and probably never will unless he's the sole competitor ☺! But... but... he enjoys all his running regardless! Joe understands what it is like to be a non-elite runner, and he can motivate and give you informal guidance - from starting to run your first kilometre, to completing your first marathon (should running longer distances ever be on your to-do list). Contact him if you'd like to discuss any specific running goal.

Joe and Haile

Joe Rios and Haile Gebrselassie in October 2011.

Haile has set 27 world running records, including the world's fastest official marathon ever.

(That's about 27 records more than Joe has...)



What makes Geelong so special?

Geelong has an enviable location, with an amazing waterfront. We have many beautiful, clean parks which are ideal for running. But we aren't making the most of what we have. Let's maximize the use of the lovely scenery, the facilities and the views of Geelong. There are many runners out there already in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. If running alone is your preference, we understand and that's okay. But if you're someone who prefers company and camaraderie, and longs for a non-judgemental social running group you can call home, join us and let's make Geelong the official running capital of Australia!

Geelong Panorama


What about future plans?

Based on the size of the club, we can make racing more affordable by hosting our own races and events.

We can at a later stage also consider a dedicated beginner's group, and a different group for more advanced runners.

Weekend social long runs will be arranged.

We'll learn that distance is to be respected, but not feared - just about anyone can finish a marathon!

If you'd like to volunteer your time to be part of the GSRC's possible committee in the future, please contact Joe.



After moving to Geelong in January 2012, Joe and Carol Rios found that some running forums can be rather competitive. While this suits some people and is necessary for elite athletes, performance pressures can intimidate and discourage other runners. So we're creating a more social environment to get you into running, and to keep you running. We started with 2 members in July 2012, and we'd like to see hundreds more runners on the roads of Geelong regularly.

Come along, make some new friends, and join some fellow runners who will motivate and guide you to your first 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km or ultra-marathon race. And while you won't be coached to be a race winner, you'll be a winner regardless - you will get fitter and your running pace will improve over time.


If you have any questions, feel free to call Joe Rios on xxxx xxx-xxx. You can also email or Just come along and join us on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
We're on Facebook - just look for "Geelong Runners", or click
here. Get there and [like] our page.... we'd appreciate your input and thoughts in helping us keep the Facebook page interactive and up-to-date!

You can also find us on Twitter - just look for @GeelongRunners, or click here.  






1. It is an absolute condition that to participate in any of the activities of the Geelong Social Running Club or Geelong Runners (hereinafter both referred to as "the GSRC"), participation is entirely voluntary and at your own risk, and requires completion and acceptance of a membership "Waiver-of-liability" form in its entirety.

2. Please note that by taking part in any of the GSRC's activities, you voluntarily waive any right to pursue any claim, cause or right of action for or arising out of damage, loss, injury or death, howsoever caused to any person and/or property and of any description whatsoever including negligence, resulting from any activity whether participating or not, suffered or sustained in the course of or arising out of, your involvement in any way in any activity conducted by the GSRC, whether organised or sanctioned by the GSRC or not.

3.  This acceptance of the waiver applies to yourself, your heirs, executors or any other administrators who might otherwise have any claim, either now or in the future. Furthermore, it operates severally in favour of all persons, members, officials, representatives, agents, participants, marshals, and associated parties and bodies of the GSRC.

4. Furthermore, by taking part in any club-related activity you thereby understand that running and/or walking is a strenuous activity, and declare and accept that you are aware of the real medical risks involved (including exertion, hydration, pets and accidents), that you are medically fit and able, in good health, and that you will participate in the GSRC's activities within your physical capabilities. Please see a medical specialist before taking up any strenuous physical activity, or if you have any uncertainties.

5. You entirely assume all risks associated with your involvement and participation in any GSRC activity, and accept to take all reasonable measures to protect yourself from the risks of participation. Reflective clothing should be worn, and normal road traffic always has priority over the GSRC activities. There are no permissions expressed or implied by any event organisers or Geelong Council authorities for any facilities used.

6. You act in your own personal capacity, and not on behalf of the GSRC.

7. Our running activities are informal social get-togethers, not events officially sanctioned by any party.



If you are a Geelong-based business, and would like to promote your activities, please support our efforts to increase health and well-being in the community. Please contact Joe to discuss sponsorship opportunities such as T-shirts, a gazebo etc.



Let's get out there, have fun and get fit!

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